Yes, You Absolutely Should Get Your Wife A Present for Christmas

Jessica Smith
3 min readDec 15, 2021

Even if She Says She Doesn’t Need Anything

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The holidays are in full swing right now and the mothers of the world have been scrambling to make Christmas magical for their families. It all rests on their shoulders. Without them, nothing comes together.

Of course, being the spouse of one of these moms, Christmas doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. You get to enjoy the festivities without having to do much of the work.

So when you ask these women what they want for Christmas, you secretly hope you don’t have to put in too much effort because who wants to spend all day shopping for the perfect gift? Bonus if she’s already bought herself something that you can “give” to her.

Are you really asking if she needs a gift?

I don’t mean to male bash here but come on guys! Put in some effort here! She does so much for your family and you are actually questioning if you need to buy her something?

You bet your ass you do!

I saw a comment just now on Twitter that brought on this rant. I didn’t call the guy out but, damn, I wanted to. The comment was basically:

My wife says she doesn’t want anything for Christmas. It’s a trap isn’t it? Do I need to get her something?”

Why wouldn’t you want to get her something? Why are you even questioning it? Good god man, what kind of husband are you?

It’s not a trap

“It’s a trap isn’t it?” A trap? The fuck? Yes, your loving, caring, hard working wife is setting you up to fail. You got it. You’re falling right into her trap if you don’t get her something for Christmas.

No, you see, perhaps your wife is tired. Too tired to even think of what she wants for Christmas. She’s spent the last few weeks thinking about what everyone else wants and needs for Christmas, she’s had no time to think of herself.

She wants you to think of her for once. Take that off her already full plate. Do you not think she deserves a gift whether she wants one or not?



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