I felt a lot of this DURING pregnancy as well. I hurt so, so much. I could hardly walk towards the end. I just had to suck it up because…I don’t know why. Because that’s pregnancy and women have been doing it for millions of years so suck it up? I thought the pain of the abscess was “normal” after I gave birth. I didn’t even know it was possible until it actually happened. I remember my ex checking the area for me (and he wasn’t exactly who you should go to for medical advice) and he was like, “Nope, go get that checked out!” I went to 3 different doctors who just brushed me off so that’s why I ended up in the ER. It’s part of the reason I stopped going to the doctor for any reason now. They don’t hear women and their complaints. We just have to suck it up.

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Writer and mother. I try to keep it real because I’m not “loving every moment”. Follow me https://twitter.com/3282jessicah or email hillis33@gmail.com

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