I Didn’t Think About My Hair Much Until I Started Losing It

It’s The One Thing I am Self Conscious About

Jessica Smith


Hair loss in women isn’t something we normally talk about much. Hair loss products are normally geared toward men because it is more common with them. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are 40.

I am one of the forty percent of women who has suffered from hair loss and it’s something that impacts my self esteem on a daily basis. Call me vain or call me self absorbed but I can not look at myself in the mirror and not see how ugly my hair loss has left me.

I Never Expected to Lose My Hair

When I was born, I had a head full of dark brown hair and it only stayed that way as I grew. It lightened up to a lighter brown but it stayed thick and beautiful. I always got complemented on how beautiful my hair was, even by perfect strangers.

Hair loss was not something that was on my radar. My dad had lost his hair at a young age but I didn’t think that would effect me in anyway. I was a girl and girls don’t lose their hair. He would even joke that we would be bald as adults, just like him. It was a joke that actually turned out to be true.

Pregnancy Contributed to My Hair Loss

It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my first child that I noticed any type of hair loss. I was 27 years old at this time and every time I took a shower, I would notice more and more hair on my fingers. I assumed it was a pregnancy thing that nobody had told me about and didn’t worry too much.

After giving birth, it started falling out more, almost in chunks. I thought it was from having longer hair so I decided to cut my hair shorter. There was less hair falling out but I still noticed a lot falling out during showers and when I brushed my hair.

I experienced the same thing during and after each of my three pregnancies. After my third child was born, my hair was long and stringy. It was no longer thick and full. Handfuls of hair were falling out after each shower. Was it hormone related? I don’t know but it left me feeling self conscious.



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