How Medium Got Me Laid

Who Knew Writing Could Be Sexy?

Jessica Smith


Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Who would have thought that writing could be good for my sex life? Not me, that’s for sure. What a pleasant and welcome surprise.

I didn’t even have to initiate it this time. He was ready and waiting with his dick in his hand when I entered the room.

There wasn’t even time to make sure the kids wouldn’t barge in on us. Spontaneous sex, I like that but don’t get enough of it with the 3 cock blockers in the house.

Ok so I’ll back track a bit here

I’ve been trying my hand at writing about sex. I actually really enjoy it. I like sex and it’s fun to put those feelings onto the screen. I personally get turned on writing it sometimes. Though it doesn’t take much to get me in the mood.

I wanted to write about a kinda, sorta “based on reality” story about a time I slept with a coworker. Details were changed except for the sex part. That really happened.

Now, I’m happily married and satisfied with the sex my husband and I have. We are both pretty open about our sexual pasts and have no issues talking about good times with past lovers.

It actually helps our sex life together. Talking about it and describing the mind blowing sex we have had actually sets us up to have mind blowing sex together.

My husband already knew about this friend and how I felt about the sex I had with him. He wasn’t intimidated by it and realizes that just because I look back fondly on the times I had with that partner, doesn’t mean I don’t like having sex with him.

Not going to lie, writing that story got me all kinds of turned on

I lived it so I got to remember it as I wrote it. Now, I’m new to this writing sex scenes business so I wasn’t sure what I wrote would cut the mustard so to…



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